Welcome to Purgatory. This is where those who didn't have a chance in life, those who were unable to get into Heaven or Hell, and for those who should have rights, but were hunted.
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 Dance with the Devil

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PostSubject: Dance with the Devil   Sun Aug 17, 2008 6:51 pm


That's what she did best. For the past couple of months, she had been shifting through every dimension leaving virtually no trace of her foot prints behind her. There was the largest bounty on her head for killing the angel that was about to kill her best friend and brother, Canaan. He wasn't her true brother but they went back for years, after helping him escape, she started running drawing their attention. They may have been bounty hunters but she was one as well and the best tracker throughout Hell and Heaven.

Blood dripped from her fingertips as she stopped in the city, in the abandoned part of the town. Leaning against a wall, she had to stop. One of the demonic bounty hunters had shot her good with some kind of posion. Inside her blood was boiling, trying to fight off the initial infection but her demonic blood was trying to heal. Breathing in slowly, she bowed her head and touched the wound again as it was starting to leak from the makeshift bandage. Israel cursed in some kind of tongue used in Hell before she tightened another bandage around her waist where the wound was still bleeding.

"Motherf***ers." She cursed again in english. Where was Canaan when she needed him?

That thought crossed her mind without any sort of hope. He was in hiding somewhere and after the bounty had been placed on him, she had told him to lay low. Not the fact that she hadn't heard word from him in over three months was also on her mind. Hopefully, he was safe and they didn't find him. The Executioner was also hot on her trail. Oooh this bitch was good. Israel chuckled as she looked over her shoulder. Time to be on the move again...
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Dance with the Devil
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