Welcome to Purgatory. This is where those who didn't have a chance in life, those who were unable to get into Heaven or Hell, and for those who should have rights, but were hunted.
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 The Creation

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PostSubject: The Creation   Fri Jul 11, 2008 6:46 pm

"We have too many untested souls entering the Kingdom."

"I know. But what can we do about it?"

"Create a place that allows these untested souls to be tested. And when we place these souls there, we shall make them as they were or should have been on Earth."

"We'll need the consent of the Demons and Satan to do this, you know."

"Yes. But I think we'll have no trouble with that."

"It shall be done. But, what shall we call this place where we send the untested of Earth?"

"I'm sure you'll think of something."

"Of course. I shall send a message to Lucifer at once."

And so said, Zefiel, the Archangel of Life, spoke with Lucifer, and Genesis, Lucifer's Heir, and they came to an agreement. The Untested of Earth, babies who died early, and people with disabilities, were placed in a new world. A world called Purgatory. On this world, they were human, normal humans, and had no memories of their past lives. Being humans, they fell in love, and had children, and so the souls that remained untested after Purgatory became were born into this new world, where they could be tested. Soon after Purgatory was made, something happened on Earth that would change the Mid-Realm, Purgatory, forever. Mutants, Vampires and Lycans were being hunted down and killed on Earth. So Zefiel and Genesis, the Creators and Judges of Purgatory, came to Earth and offered the three races a place in Purgatory, where they could live until the Rapture, or until they died.
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The Creation
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