Welcome to Purgatory. This is where those who didn't have a chance in life, those who were unable to get into Heaven or Hell, and for those who should have rights, but were hunted.
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 Death rides a pale horse

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PostSubject: Death rides a pale horse   Fri Jul 25, 2008 4:06 pm

Name: Cannan
Age: Timeless
Titles: The pale man, The saint of killers.
Race: Demon
Wife: Genesis
Other family: The line of Khaine ( Demonic), Unborn child ( Mother~ Genesis)


Cannan is odd amoung demon kind for being the first attempt by the dark powers to create a type of " Super soldier." A creature to match Gods so called " Arch angels." A demon not limited to spreading on paticular sin. Enhanced through dark magics before birth and raised in arrogance Cannan was unleashed like a plauge upon the human world. Kings and empires rose and fell on his fickle whim and many were his victories against the servants of the lord. But Cannan's power also brought him great pride. At the height of his power Cannan challanged the very powers that had created them. A dark mirror of when the devil himself turned on his creator. Defeated and cast from the hellish realm to wander the earth without purpose he has often been the target of the lords hunters. Gaining great pleasure from the corruption of their kind and the end he could bring to their immortal lifes. One killer whoever never fell to his dark temptations or his blazing guns. Yet several times she spared his life and he her's. Bitter rivals became passionate lovers and the realms have shook with the ripples of their actions ever since...

Medical history:

As an immortal demon Cannan is outwardly flawless. Both appealing and repulsive to behold. His dark, corrupted charms holding somhow so hard to shurg off. His wounds seem to heal almost instantly from anything but the holiest of weapons. Religious icornery seems to cause him some discomfort but since he normally wears a silver cross it dosent seem to be too much trouble.


Cannan is a masterful gunslinger and expert swordsman. Capable of fighting with any weapon, mortal or otherwise with unusual skill. His long life has required him to study the lore of both heaven and hell. Cannan seems to be more powerful during the night time and often avoids the daylight. Area's of strong emotional influence tend to effect the extent of his powers, regenration ect.

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Death rides a pale horse
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